Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Meet Dan Zi

My name is Dan Zi. I'm a lilacpoint Siamese cat [birthday 28 June 1998] with magnificent sapphire-blue eyes. Like my human companion, I'm a native New Yorker.
• Born male, I had sex-change surgery in 1999, which means I am affectionate but unable to heir-condition a female. When there was a death in the family - - bluepoint Siamese Lam Doy [born 1984] died of old age - - I became an only child.
• I would love to have a female playmate.
• Know of any cute Siamese kittens?
• In person, I'm much lighter than I photograph. [What can I say? It's not Richard Avedon who took this portrait! Next time I'll get Francesco Scavullo!]
• I'm loyal but finicky, a great kisser and a head-bonker.
• Some say that there's a wee bit of Satan in my pedigree. Not!
• Serious replies only.
• Don't break my heart.

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• • Photo: DAN ZI [born 1998]

Siamese cat.


Blogger Rocki said...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rockicat The Comeback Kitty

I'm Rockicat! I saw Dan Zi on your blog page.

I am just a kitty about 4 months age.

A cute orange tabby with a siamese face.

My name is Rockicat because I just had my paws bandaged.

I look like a boxer when I play with my sqeaky mouse toy.

I remember how Dan Zi used to jab with Lam Doy.

1:27 PM  

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